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This site covers Sail’s usage and concepts.

What is Sail?

Sail is a CLI utility to manage Dockerized development environments. It uses the docker toolchain and code-server to create preconfigured, immutable, and source controlled development environments.

Why use Sail?

Sail is a completely new paradigm for development. Some of the key benefits for using Sail are:

  1. Source controlled - All project dependencies and configuration for a working development environment are explicitly set in your project’s .sail/Dockerfile.
  2. Immutable environments - Projects are run inside of docker containers created from your project’s .sail/Dockerfile to create a base development environment that is the same across all developers. If your environment gets messed up for any reason, just remove it and start with a clean slate.
  3. Quickly contribute - A project configured with Sail allows new developers to contribute with ease since they don’t have to worry about what dependencies or configuration they need to get a working environment.
  4. Bring your own dotfiles - Add your own environment configuration to any project you work on with a hat so you can use your preferred shell or custom vim config.
  5. No host litter - Easily experiment with new projects without having to litter your host system with project dependencies. All dependencies for sail projects are contained in the project’s docker image. This also has the nice benefit of removing cross project dependency incompatibilities.