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Platform Support

Currently Sail supports both Linux and MacOS. Windows support is planned for a future release.

Host Dependencies

Before using Sail, there are several dependencies that must be installed on the host system:


For simple, secure and fast installation, the following command will install the latest version of sail for your OS and architecture into /usr/local/bin. You will need to have /usr/local/bin in your $PATH in order to use it.

curl | bash

Stable Releases

You can also manually install from the github releases and place the binary wherever you want.

From Source

For more advanced users who want to install the latest version from master, you can install Sail from source.

You’ll need the go programming language installed and configured on your machine, and $GOPATH/bin added to your PATH for the following to work correctly.

Sail uses go modules to build the project, so the easiest way to install it to your system is to clone it in a directory outside of your GOPATH.

mkdir $HOME/src
cd $HOME/src
git clone
cd sail
go install

Verifying the Installation

To verify Sail is properly installed, run sail --help on your system. If everything is installed properly, you should see Sail’s help text.

sail --help

Browser Extension

In order to have an optimal experience while using Sail, we recommend installing the browser extension.


Just reinstall with whatever method you installed with.