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Running GUI Applications

Sail supports running GUI applications when running on a Linux host with x11 support.

If the Linux machine running Sail has the $DISPLAY environment variable set, then the x11 socket and xauthority file will be mounted in, and the correct environment variables will be set in the container. This allows the user running inside of the container to run any GUI applications they want from within their Sail environment.

For example, to start firefox from within a Sail environment:

# Ensure firefox is installed, for quick prototyping just install firefox from the terminal, but
# if this becomes a project dependency, it should be installed from the project's `.sail/Dockerfile`.
$ sudo apt-get install -y firefox

# This should open up firefox in a new window.
$ /usr/bin/firefox

If you run into an error like the following:

No protocol specified
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
Error: cannot open display: :0

when trying to start a GUI application, ensure that your local user has authority to access the Xserver.

You can allow your local user to connect to the Xserver by running xhost si:localuser:${USER} on the host outside of your sail environment.

Note that this command is temporary until the Xserver restarts, so you may need to rerun it if you reboot the system or restart Xserver.