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Add Sail to Your Project

Adding sail support to your project can be done by adding a single Dockerfile. The Dockerfile must be located at .sail/Dockerfile in the root of your project.

Once this file is created, you can modify it to change the FROM clause to be any Sail supported image. Supported images are any of the images hosted in the codercom docker hub with the naming convention of codercom/ubuntu-dev*.

Choosing a Base Image

Currently, the images are based off of ubuntu 18.10, and some of them contain preinstalled and configured language environments that you can base your project’s environment off of.

For instance, if you have a python project, you would want to change the FROM clause to be FROM codercom/ubuntu-dev-python3.7 or FROM codercom/ubuntu-dev-python2.7 depending on your project’s version of python. This will ensure that the correct python and pip versions are installed and configured, and that any common python vscode plugins are installed.

Customizing Your Project’s Environment

Once the base environment is chosen, any additional project dependencies and configuration can be added using normal Dockerfile syntax and Sail labels.

For example:

# Use a predefined language base.
FROM codercom/ubuntu-dev-python3.7:latest

# Install some developer tooling to help out with system 
# and program monitoring.
RUN sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get install -y \
    dstat \

# Install setuptools to use with your python project.
RUN pip install -U setuptools

# Add any environment vars you could want.
ENV PATH $PATH:/my/additional/bins

# Add a shared dir for project data.
LABEL share.app_cache "~/app/cache:~/app/cache"

Sail will build your project’s environment from this Dockerfile, allowing you to explicitly state your project’s dependencies and configuration so that all developers are working in the same environment.