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Sail makes extensive use of Docker labels to maintain state and to allow users to fully configure their project environments.

Configuration Labels

Project Root Label

As described in projects, the bind mount target of the project’s root can be specified using the project_root label. By default the project root is bind mounted to ~/<repo> inside of the container.

For example:

LABEL project_root "~/go/src/"

Will bind mount the host directory $project_root/<org>/<repo> to ~/go/src/<repo> in the container.

Share Labels

A sail share is a directory on the host that you want shared with your sail container. Any shares that are specified within the Project or hat Dockerfiles will be bind mounted to the proper location inside of the container.

Projects and hats can specify shares using command labels of the form:


For example, if you wanted to share your go mod cache with your container you would add this to your project or hat Dockerfile:

LABEL share.go_mod="~/go/pkg/mod:~/go/pkg/mod"

Shares are recommended for

  • Filesystem-level caches
    • Go mod cache
    • Yarn cache
  • User-specific configuration
    • VS Code configuration (auto)
    • SSH keys
    • gitconfig
  • Working data
    • Project files (auto)
    • Data analysis results

It’s important to keep in mind that shares can easily undermine the reproducibility and consistency of your environments. Be careful with blanket shares such as ~:~ which introduce variance.

State Labels

Sail uses Docker labels that begin with com.coder.sail to manage any state that the CLI may need. These labels are only required by the Sail CLI and aren’t useful for user configuration.