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A hat is a build directory with a Dockerfile that allows you to extend every project environment with your own personalization. Hats allow you to bring your own tooling, configuration, and workflow into every Sail project you work on.

In order for Sail to extend the project’s environment, the hat Dockerfile’s FROM clause is replaced with the repository-provided image.

For example:

FROM ubuntu

RUN sudo apt install fish
RUN chsh user -s $(which fish)

is a hat that would install fish, and configure it as the default shell regardless of which shell the repository-provided image uses.

The FROM ubuntu will be replaced with FROM <repo_image> when sail assembles your dev container in order to extend the project’s environment.

sail promotes the use of Ubuntu/apt-based dev containers so that hats are reliable.

You can only wear a single hat at a time.


To enable expirementation, hats can be used from github like so:

-hat github:ammario/dotfiles

Hats enable personalization, so GitHub hats should just be used for experimentation.